Pronoun - Verb Agreement
Pronoun - Verb Agreement

Pronouns and verbs agree. The pronouns he, she, it, and singular nouns are followed by the same form of the verb. Usually the present tense adds an s. The pronouns I, you, we, they, and plural nouns are followed by the same form of the verb.

He writes with a pencil. I write letters.
She takes a bus every night. We leave at noon.
Bob sings in the choir. Dogs like exercise.

Choose the correct form of the verb in parentheses. Write the verb in the blank.

1. He on his mask. (put, puts)

2. She her Halloween costume. (sew, sews)

3. They a horse costume. (make, makes)

4. She a cardboard box with silver paint. (spray, sprays)

5. He on his mustache. (glue, glues)

6. They a party at their house every year. (have, has)

7. We apples at the party. (have, has)

8. Skeletons in the windows of the house. (hang, hangs)

9. You your astronaut costume. (like, likes)

10. They as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. (arrive, arrives)

11. She the prize for the most original costume. (win, wins)

12. She a bird costume. (wear, wears)

13. They trick or treating. (enjoy, enjoys)

14.This year they home a kitten. (bring, brings)

15. Perhaps it to the neighbors. (belong, belongs)

16. They many different kinds of pets. (own, owns)

17. We the kitten to their house. (bring, brings)

Your score is out of 17